Innovative Graphene Technologies: Evaluation and Applications, Volume 2

This volume is specifically written for readers who are looking for the applications of graphene and its derivatives.


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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 09 Apr 2013
Product format: Hardback & Paperback
Number of pages: 540


Edited by Atul Tiwari and Alexander A. Balandin


Graphene has already gained a unique reputation among novel synthetic materials. Dedicated efforts and enormous resources are being invested in creating viable commercial products. The high electrical and thermal conductivities in graphene are well known, and most of the applications of this material are pivoted to these properties. In addition to electronic and thermal management applications there are several other vital areas where graphene can be used successfully.

This book is compiled in two volumes. Volume 1 is specifically meant for beginners who want to know the science and technology associated with this nanomaterial. This volume consists of chapters that are specifically written for readers who are looking for the applications of graphene and its derivatives.

The first objective of this second volume is to provide readers with numerical/physics based models for assessment of graphene for targeted applications. The second objective is to introduce readers to the industrial applications of graphene. Chapters are carefully written so that readers can choose methodologies for screening of graphene materials for a particular application.

This second volume is written for a broader readership including young scholars and researchers with diverse backgrounds such as chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering. It can be used as a textbook for graduate students, and also as a review or reference book for researchers from different branches of materials science.

Co-editor, Alexander Balandin, has been awarded the 2013 MRS Medal for his graphene-related research:

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