Rubber Analysis: Characterisation, Failure Diagnosis and Reverse Engineering

This comprehensive book covers all the important applications and subject areas associated with the analysis of rubber compounds and rubber products.

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Date of publication: 03 Apr 2018
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By Martin Forrest, Smithers Rapra

ISBN: 978-1-91108-840-0


Rubber analysis plays a vital role in assuring that the many products that are manufactured from the material are fit for purpose, as well as contributing to many other important investigative activities within the rubber industry and in other industrial sectors.

This comprehensive, application-based review, with extensive up-to-date referencing, covers all the important applications and subject areas associated with the analysis of rubber compounds and rubber products.

The characterisation of rubber polymers is described, as is the identification and quantification of specific additives within rubber samples. The approaches and methodologies that can be used to carry out partial or complete reverse engineering work on fully compounded products are also included.

The many ways that rubber analysis can contribute to failure diagnosis studies are featured throughout the book and its use in the identification of contaminants in final products and the characterisation of surface blooms are highlighted.

The roles that rubber analysis plays in quality control work, curing studies, and the characterisation of latex and latex products are described. Also included, are its application to the characterisation of rubber fume, the identification of extractables and leachables from rubber products used in medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, and the identification of potential and actual migrants from food contact rubbers.

The author has drawn on 40 years of experience within the rubber industry to ensure that this book is essential reading for anyone requiring up-to-date information on how a wide range of analytical techniques can be applied to obtain industrially relevant information on many different rubber products at all stages in their manufacture and life cycle.

About the author

Martin Forrest began his career in the rubber industry in 1977 with James Walker & Co. Ltd. He stayed at Walkers, a manufacturer of packings, gaskets and seals, until 1983 when he left to pursue a full time MSc in Polymer Science and Chemical Technology at the London School of Polymer Technology (LSPT). From the LSPT he moved to Loughborough University in 1984 to study for a PhD in Polymer Chemistry.

He started work at Rapra Technology Ltd in 1988 as a Consultant in the Polymer Analysis Department. During his time at Rapra he has held various roles in a number of different departments and been responsible for a wide variety of consultancy projects. He is one of the principal contacts for projects concerning the analysis of rubber products, including failure diagnosis investigations, reverse engineering work to facilitate R&D programmes, and in-depth studies to assist companies with regulatory submissions.

He has also carried out senior technical roles in EU, UK and industry funded research projects focussed on a number of industrial sectors. In the case of the rubber industry, he has been involved with three research projects (DevulCO2, ReMould and Cryosinter) concerned with the development and exploitation of novel processes for recycling rubber.

At present he is a Principal Consultant in the Consultancy Group at Smithers Rapra and is specifically responsible for projects involving the regulatory compliance of rubber products for use in food contact applications and the recycling of rubber and plastics products.

He is the author of over 50 papers and publications, including a book reviewing the recycling and re-use of waste rubber that was published 2014.

More of Martin's books can be viewed here.


  1. Introduction
  2. Analytical Techniques
  3. Principal Components and Bulk Composition
  4. Additives
  5. Reverse Engineering and Product Deformulation
  6. Curing and Cure State Studies
  7. Characterisation of Rubber Process Fume
  8. Compliance with Food-contact Regulations
  9. Extractable and Leachable Studies on Rubber Products
  10. Analysis of Surface Blooms and Contaminants
  11. Analysis of Rubber Latices
  12. Conclusions

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