The Science and Technology of Latex Dipping

This book describes, in practical terms, the raw materials used in modern latex dipping and how these materials are prepared for use.

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Date of publication: 01 Jan 2018
Product format: Paperback
Number of pages: 274

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By David Hill

ISBN: 978-1-90903-005-3


Many rubber products that have a direct impact on our health and quality of life today – gloves, condoms, baby bottle teats, catheters and various other medical devices – are made by dipping elastomers in a latex form. Whilst there are many technical articles covering polymer latices, there are few that look in detail into the actual processes employed by the manufacturers to make these products, the constraints that they face and the problems that they must overcome to compete successfully in the market place.

This book looks to help fill that gap by describing, in practical terms, the raw materials used in modern latex dipping, how these materials are prepared for use and the actual processes employed to convert these materials into a finished product. Some of the scientific principles that will be encountered in the production procedures are described in simplified form to help those involved in the manufacturing understand the critical principles involved in latex dipping. In addition, advice is given on the reinforcement of dipped latex products, quality control, problem solving and the validation of the manufacturing processes in an industry that is becoming increasingly regulated.

The book will be of value to all those engaged in the manufacture of dipped latex products, the production plant supervisors, those working in quality control, testing laboratories and technical support functions. It is hoped that those involved in the research and development of latex dipping, together with interested workers outside of the direct manufacturing industry, for example in universities and colleges, will also find it a useful insight into modern manufacturing with latex products, and how science and technology are coming together to provide products to make our world a better place in which to live.

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  1. Raw Materials
  2. Latex Compounding
  3. Vulcanisation
  4. Degradation of Elastomers
  5. Reinforcement of Latex Systems by the Use of Fillers
  6. Latex Stability and Film-Forming
  7. Latex Dipping
  8. Wetting
  9. Latex-Dipping Tanks
  10. Formers for Latex Dipping
  11. Finishing Operations for Dipped Latex Products
  12. Troubleshooting in Latex Dipping
  13. Quality Control in Latex Dipping
  14. Process Validation
  15. Some Analytical Methods used in Latex-Dipping Operations
  16. Allergies, Proteins and N-nitrosamines
  17. Potential Future Trends in the Latex-Dipping Industry

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