Practical Guide to Adhesive Bonding of Small Engineering Plastic and Rubber Parts

This book discusses the adhesive bonding of 30 of the most commonly used generic families of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics.


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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 01 Jan 2010
Product format: Hardback & Paperback
Number of pages: 194


By Bob Goss 


Choosing the best adhesive grade for the joining of two plastics or elastomers for a production application can be an exacting design task. This is especially true when joining dissimilar materials and when bonding certain plastics. 

Adhesives can provide the optimum - indeed often the only - assembly method in many circumstances. However it is all too often that the adhesive is not fully considered at the design stage. This can result in much time and trouble for engineers to get from the prototype stage to full production.

This Practical Guide discusses the adhesive bonding of 30 of the most commonly used generic families of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics as well as a number of commonly used rubbers and elastomers.

This guide provides a full explanation of the cure mechanisms and discusses the performance benefits for four types of engineering adhesives (cyanoacrylates, epoxies, two-part acrylics and UV curing adhesives). There are also chapters on joint design, dispensing systems, the surface preparation for 'difficult' plastics and information on several other adhesive technologies.

It will be of particular interest to all in industry bonding to metals, composites, wood and other rubbers. End-users and new product developers will benefit from the Practical Guide approach of this title.

About the Author

Bob Goss has worked for Loctite UK Ltd (now Henkel Ltd) since 1985 and is responsible for giving technical advice on adhesives to customers throughout the UK and Ireland for the bonding of engineering components and systems.

Educated at Liverpool University (BEng in Mechanical Engineering) and a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers since 1984, Bob has written over 30 articles on adhesives for the Technical Press and contributed a chapter on the Handbook of Rubber Bonding for Smithers Rapra in 2001. He has also written several papers for Smithers Rapra at various European Conferences and presented papers on medical adhesives at a number of MEDTEC trade shows over the past 15 years. He was elected to 'Fellow' of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in August 2008.

Bob is a regular guest speaker for the Smithers Rapra 'Understanding the Principles of Rubber Bonding' training course and gives design seminars to customers and design consultancies in many different industries ranging from loudspeakers to medical devices.

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