Advances in Membranes for Low Temperature Fuel Cells

This book provides the latest academic and technical developments in proton-exchange membrane fuel cells.

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Date of publication: 19 Feb 2018
Product format: Paperback
Number of pages: 262

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By Surbhi Sharma, University of Birmingham

ISBN: 978-1-91108-821-9


Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), including alcohol fuel cells, are one of the most extensively investigated fuel cells. The zero-gas emission, high efficiency and low-operating temperatures make them promising candidates for green energy, especially for transportation and portable applications. Proton-conducting membranes (mostly, polymer based), responsible for separating the anode and cathode reactions, lie at the heart of a PEMFC. Consequently, these have generated extensive research interest over the last few decades. A myriad of fluorinated and non-fluorinated polymers as well as hydrocarbons, and natural polymers have been specifically explored for PEMFC.

This book provides a comprehensive review of the novel and state of the art PEMFC membranes. A variety of composite membranes (including polymer/non-polymer) are discussed along with analysis of the latest filler materials (graphene, ionic liquids, polymeric ionic liquids, nanostructured metal oxides) and membrane concepts (multilayer membranes, direct membrane deposition, electrospinning) unfolding in the field of PEMFC.

This book provides the latest academic and technical developments in the field of PEMFC membranes with a thorough insight into the various preparation, characterisation and testing methods utilised. Factors affecting proton conduction, water adsorption and transportation behaviour of membranes are also deliberated upon. Recent literature on ex situ studies and in situ, single cell and stack tests, investigating durability (chemical, thermomechanical) and degradation of membranes is examined.

This book highlights the requirements and considerations for a membrane as an integral part of the PEMFC and its interactions with other PEMFC components. This is an indispensible read for anyone interested in new PEMFC membrane materials and concerned with development, optimisation and testing of such membranes.

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  1. Introduction to Fuel Cells and their Membranes
  2. Proton-Conduction Membranes: Requirements, Challenges and Materials
  3. Proton-conducting Membranes: Preparation Methods
  4. Methods used for Membrane Characterisation
  5. Membranes in Single-cell Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Stacks
  6. Future Trends in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

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