Update on the Technology and Applications of Polyaryletherketones

This book provides an overview of all the key aspects of PAEK technology.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 01 Jan 2010
Product format: Hardback
Number of pages: 142


By David Kemmish


PolyArylEtherKetones (PAEK) have been described as the world's highest performance true thermoplastic polymers. It is now 30 years since the invention of Victrex PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) and PAEK are found in niche applications in almost every industry sector.

PAEK are produced by several suppliers. As the market has grown an ever increasing range of products forms has been developed. These include higher temperature variants such as PEK, PEKEKK, PEEKK and PEKK and also compounds, blends, composites, films, shapes, coatings and medical grades.

PAEK find applications in the automotive, chemical process, oil and gas, aerospace, medical device, telecommunications and electronics industries. They are often used because of a combination of properties which goes far beyond temperature resistance and includes resistance to wear, chemical environments, hydrolysis, sterilisation and fire together with biocompatibility, purity, low smoke and toxic gas emission and electrical performance.

This book details PAEK production, characterisation, product forms (including compound, blends, composites, films, coatings and medical grades) and classes of application in each industry sector. It includes the many of the key historical developments and discusses up to date information on manufacturers, product forms and applications.

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About the Author

Dr David Kemmish has been closely involved with the technology and applications of PAEK for over 26 years. He worked in ICI on APC composites, invented and scaled up high temperature PAEK copolymers, spent time in ICI USA developing blends, compounds and applications and was research and technology manager for Victrex plc from 1994 until 2005. He has a large number of patents and publications in the field. He now works as a consultant in polymer technology and innovation management and is still active in the field of PAEKs.

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