Adhesives and Sealants Bulletin

Weekly updates delivering an overview of the latest literature on adhesives and sealants. From the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature.

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Product format: Weekly e-mail

This Polymer Bulletin is a current awareness service from the Polymer Library, the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature. Each time the abstracts database is updated with new records (every week) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to adhesives and sealants.


There is a wide range of synthetic polymeric adhesives and they can be subdivided into many groups, including pressure sensitive, contact, structural, and hot melt. The properties of these adhesives vary greatly and this is why they have such wide-ranging applications, from those that need to be strong and reliable enough for a space shuttle fuel tank, to those that must stick and peel like the glue on a post-it note. Sealants are very similar to adhesives in that they must bond well to varying materials, but are mainly used to coat materials to protect them in some way, particularly in potential weak spots. The wide variety of types of adhesives and sealants and their many applications result in consistently high levels of research.

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