Conductive Polymers Bulletin

Weekly updates delivering an overview of the latest literature on conductive polymers. From the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature.

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This Polymer Bulletin is a current awareness service from the Polymer Library, the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature. Each time the abstracts database is updated with new records (every week) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to conductive polymers.


Most plastics are considered to be dielectric, however in the last few decades exciting research has been carried out relating to a special group of polymers that can conduct electricity. In 2000 the Nobel prize was awarded to Hideki Shirakawa and his colleagues for the invention of polyacetylene, and since that time great progress has been made in this field including the development of polyaniline, polypyrrole and polythiophene, amongst others. Conducting polymers have widely been used in polymer-based electronics and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The list of applications are now very extensive and are proving to be a growth area of interest within the fields of photovoltaics, fuel cells, lighting and touch screen devices. They are also of great significance within the automotive and aerospace industries for their lightweighting properties. The medical applications are now becoming apparent with their high degree of biocompatibility lending them versatility for biosensing, implantable devices, tissue engineering and DNA sensing for gene detection

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