Light Emitting Polymers Bulletin

Weekly updates delivering an overview of the latest literature on light emitting polymers. From the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature.

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Product format: Weekly e-mail

This Polymer Bulletin is a current awareness service from the Polymer Library, the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature. Each time the abstracts database is updated with new records (every week) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to light-emitting polymers. 


Light emitting Polymers, such as polyphenylene vinylene, polyaniline and polypyridine, are plastic molecules that give out light when a current is applied and were first discovered in the late 1980s in a Cambridge University laboratory. Since then they have found important use as the lumophor component of Organic Light Emitting Diodes, as developed by Cambridge Display Technologies. Although the Polymeric OLEDs are running behind small molecule OLEDs in terms of development, significant progress is being made and there is much potential for growth due to the substantially lower costs and operating energy in comparison with other OLEDs/LEDs. These factors lead to applications in flat screen displays (as an alternative to plasma/LCD), mobile phone and digital camera displays and the potential for many, many more.

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