Polyaniline Bulletin

Weekly updates delivering an overview of the latest literature on polyaniline. From the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature.

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Product format: Weekly e-mail

This Polymer Bulletin is a current awareness service from the Polymer Library, the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature. Each time the abstracts database is updated with new records (every week) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to polyaniline.


Polyaniline has been around for centuries in one form or another, but it was not until the mid-late 20th Century that the study of it began in earnest. As an inherently conductive polymer (i.e. one which does not need additives like carbon nanotubes to make it conduct electricity) it is of significant interest, especially as it has a number of important properties; in addition to the fact that it is relatively cheap (also helped by the fact that expensive additives are not a necessity), it is easy to process, blends well with a range of additives and other polymers and has good levels of stability. Through the process of doping, the electrical conductivity of these polymers can be accurately controlled meaning that they are ideal candidates in anti-static applications (involving protection against electrostatic discharge) and electrically conductive applications, e.g. in PCBs.

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