Shape Memory Polymers Bulletin

Weekly updates delivering an overview of the latest literature on shape memory polymers. From the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature.

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Product format: Weekly e-mail

This Polymer Bulletin is a current awareness service from the Polymer Library, the world's largest database dedicated to polymer literature. Each time the abstracts database is updated with new records (every week) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to shape memory polymers.


Shape Memory Polymers do exactly as their name suggests - they remember their shape. The polymer is formed into one shape (its 'permanent shape'), then can be reformed into another shape (the 'temporary shape') which it will keep, until an external stimulus like heat or magnetic field is applied. At this point it will revert back to the permanent shape. The concept is still relatively new, so the technology still has a lot of potential uses to be found in areas ranging from medical implants to self-healing automotive parts, from protective packaging to crease-free clothing. Applications stretch into Aerospace, Defence and beyond and levels of research in this area are on the rise, so why not let us help you keep up-to-date?

A Current Awareness service from Rapra may be just what you need to update your knowledge with ease and accuracy without having to waste time, effort and money finding the information yourself.

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