Webinar: How supply chain pressures can frustrate the development of responsible packaging

Webinar: How supply chain pressures can frustrate the development of responsible packaging

Webinar first ran 28 October 2014.

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Reducing the environmental impacts of packaging at both primary and distribution levels remain high on the agenda for many companies - but it is often far from straightforward to achieve. 

This webinar looks at why this is, and why you need think 'beyond the pack' to be successful. 

Packaging engineers are frequently tasked with re-designing primary and transport packs against a backdrop of improved sustainability and / or the use of 'greener' materials. But these environmental initiatives can prove ineffective or even counterproductive. We will explain how poor design decisions can easily result from pressures such as:

  • Initiatives being driven from a position of poor information or specific agendas
  • Focus on packaging impacts rather than supply chain impacts
  • Conflicting requirements from different players in supply chains
  • Initiatives for supply chain efficiency
  • Human factors

Find out why you need to broaden your approach when trying to reduce environmental impacts. Thinking more holistically and considering complete supply chain impacts and product damage impacts is critical. Hear how product damage, pack volumes and supply chain hazards can be significant in the environmental impacts of supply chains and how this suggests an opportunity for a better, system based, approach to optimization.​

This webinar covers:

  • Packaging under the microscope - who cares?
  • Packaging as one component of a functional system
  • Factors influencing packaging decisions
  • Supply chain pressures examined
  • Conclusions.
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Download the webinar below:


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