White Paper: Life Prediction of Polymers for the Oil and Gas Industry

As the service conditions in the oil and gas industry become increasingly more demanding, there is a greater need to
demonstrate that the materials selected are fit for service.

This is particularly important for polymeric materials as their properties are time and temperature dependent and can be significantly affected by the fluids they come into contact with. To predict life, accelerated laboratory tests can be carried out based on the service conditions the component will experience. These short-term ageing tests are most suited to rank different polymers for their
susceptibility to chemical attack or change in properties.

This paper looks at: 

  • How the operating environment effects polymer behaviour
  • What ageing mechanisms occur during service 
  • The test methods available to characterise performance 

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The performance of the polymer is often estimated, resulting in unexpected failure. Therefore, it is important for engineers to understand the behaviour of a polymer in its operating environment.

Smithers Rapra has a wealth of experience in life prediction. Our consultancy team are supported by our comprehensive physical testing and chemical analysis facilities. 

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