Presentation: Introduction to E&L

During a recent tour of India, Smithers Rapra expert Andrew Feilden presented an expert workshop on Extractables and Leachables. Download the first of these three presentations now.

Smithers Rapra expert Andrew Feilden recently spent a week in India, running three E&L specialist workshops in Mumbai, Ahmedabd and Hyderbad to between 120-150 medical and pharma professionals.

The workshops covered a range of E&L topics, including regulations, techniques and the latest discussions and trends.

The presentation is available to download via the link below.

Watch the video diary of the trip: 

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Smithers Rapra provide a range of specialist support for the medical and pharmaceutical industries – including chemical analysis and physical testing – to help companies test their products and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Our sister company Smithers Pira also offers medical packaging testing and distribution testing, to ensure your products reach their destination in a fit-for-use condition.

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