Podcast: Listen now to part 2 of our expert podcast on Extractables and Leachables testing

Join Smithers Rapra experts Andrew Feilden, Paul Cummings, Michael Creese and Helen Lewis in the second of our E&L podcast series, where they discuss E&L testing, what you need to be concerned about and the future developments they foresee.

Listen now to the second of our four-part podcast series on extractables and leachables - which focuses on the testing processes of leachables. You can download both the podcast link and a PDF transcript via the download form below.

Smithers Rapra are a world-leading authority on extractables and leachables assessments, and provide comprehensive assistance for companies looking to analyse their medical device or component for potential contaminant substances. 

Alongside our testing services, we also run a twice-yearly conference covering E&L testing and regulations. 

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