How ISO Certification Helps Ensure You Meet Objectives

How ISO Certification Helps Ensure You Meet Objectives

ISO certification is a thorough process that is tailored to the objectives of a company within the framework of an internationally recognized set of management system standards. Before implementation of a management system, a company may elect to hire a consultant or use a quality manager/team to create a manual describing all the processes used within the company to deliver the product or service. Based on the specific timeline or readiness, the company will contact registrars to receive quotes on certification services. Once a registrar company is hired, the appropriate two-stage certification process begins. From the first stage onward, Smithers  ensures that the unique needs of a company are met to deliver an appropriate assessment of management system conformance within a timely manner.

The first stage of ISO certification, or Stage 1, consists of Smithers auditors assessing the company’s quality management system (QMS), facility layout, regulatory requirements or any other supporting requirements. In this stage, our auditors will identify any issues within the manual/supporting management system and request corrections are made to proceed with the appropriate Stage 2 activity. By identifying systemic issues that prevent objectives from being met, Smithers paves the way towards a more efficient and productive company.

The next stage, or Stage 2, of ISO certification consists of observations, record reviews, and personal interviews to determine the level of implementation and effectiveness of the documented procedures. Smithers auditors will review the manual written by the company and compare it to the processes used to create the company’s products or services. The verification of manual processes to ensure consistency of procedures from an objective point of view guarantees greater efficiency in reaching company goals. By having both internal and external auditors, this fine-tunes and hones a company’s processes which guarantees the most effective way of producing quality products or services. Not only will this benefit the company as the processes are enacted, but in the future as new employees will be trained exclusively in the eventual certified management system.

Finally, the results of ISO certification provide a consistent return-on-investment (ROI) as customers recognize the high standards in the quality products or services delivered in a timely manner. Because the company can determine its own processes within the various international standards, Smithers works to ensure the unique goals of each company are met in the most effective way. Not only will Smithers work with a company throughout the ISO certification process, but we will continue to ensure the highest standards are maintained through annual or semi-annual (depending on the preference of the company) surveillances. This commitment to continuous excellence is among the top reasons to become ISO certified.

In sum, ISO certification ensures meeting company objectives by:
  • Identifying systemic issues that prevent objectives from being met
  • Assuring consistency in written and executed procedures
  • Having external auditors ensure the most effective processes to provide quality products in a manner unique to the company
  • Continuing to guarantee product excellence through annual or semi-annual re-certification
To learn more about how ISO certification can help you achieve your company objectives, contact us directly.
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