White Paper: PREVIEW

Every year, new pieces of technology are released into the world, changing our processes and improving our efficiency. Smithers Rapra has been working closely with the development of PREVIEW, carrying out detailed testing on this smart manufacturing technology, designed to streamline and modernise the injection moulding process.

With PREVIEW, we move into a new era of injection moulding techniques, offering you the chance to control a factory floor through your computer system. As a cyber physical system, it utilises caviity sensors and relays information straight into your device, vastly improving the efficiency of the injection moulding process.  

With a release date set for later this year, this White Paper runs through everything you need to know about PREVIEW, including:

1. The need for technology in this sector

2. An overview of the PREVIEW system

3. The applications of PREVIEW and how it is implemented

The need for developing stable and self-sufficient injection moulding represents a first order priority (Andrea Sanchez Valencia, Smithers Rapra)

Click on the downloadable link below to receive our white paper on PREVIEW.