Smithers adds cost-effective offering for ISTA testing

Smithers adds cost-effective offering for ISTA testing

Smithers has just introduced a new distribution testing offering at its lab in Lansing, Michigan. Perfect for large-volume CPGs and other sellers trying to distribute products through e-commerce channels, the new offering meets all the requirements for:

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“This new offering is the result of lots of brainstorming on how we can make this type of testing more cost effective for our clients,” says Michael Kuebler, Technical Director. “Distribution testing can be time-consuming and expensive to do in-house. Our lab can do it more efficiently than you think.”

The e-commerce boom has led to increased need for testing  For companies who distribute a wide variety of SKUs through e-commerce, conducting the required testing can seem overwhelming. However, with careful planning and efficient scheduling, Smithers can develop a cost-effective testing program to meet product launch goals and package validation requirements. Turnaround is guaranteed in 30 days, but Kuebler says the current average is about two weeks.

“Our lab is very familiar and experienced with the structure and nuances of Amazon’s testing standards,” says Kuebler. “By trusting the experts to handle this testing, you’re freeing up your valuable time to focus on other projects and priorities.” Kuebler chairs the ISTA Testing Council and is a member of the Technical Board, and Sam Sheppard Fidler, Vice President of Smithers in Europe, is the Global Board Chair. Smithers is a member of the ISTA Advocate Research & Value Delivery Program.

An ISTA program involves a number of testing techniques used to repliace the shipping hazards of the e-commerce supply chain, including drop, compression, temperature, humidity, and vibration.

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