5 Ways AS9100 Certification Can Help You Soar

5 Ways AS9100 Certification Can Help You Soar

Going back to when it was first accomplished, flight has always been an exciting and unparalleled mode of transportation - often resulting in getting us from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, when compared to its modern-day counterparts. Yet, it would be irresponsible to take lightly the inherent risks that come along with attempting to defy gravity for the sake of expedient travel. Thankfully, today’s metal birds and the parts and processes that they are made up of are some of the most regulated and safety-conscious entities in the entire world.

The aerospace industry has long recognized the crucial role that quality plays in the performance of aviation, space, and even certain defense products. Consumer and customer confidence is directly linked to perceptions about the quality of the equipment and the service manufacturers in this industry offer.

What is AS9100?

This is where a quality management system based on an AS9100 audit can make all the difference. There are many AS9100 benefits that will helps organizations working in the aerospace realm to align the structure of their aviation, space and defense requirements with the foundation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which at its core is all about quality Additionally, the AS9100 standard requires companies looking to certify under it to focus on planning for product realization, design and development, as well as production and service provisions, and product monitoring and measurement – all important factors in aerospace quality.

AS9100 Certification Benefits

But, the advantages of the AS9100 QMS don’t end with simple focuses on planning and quality, there are also a host of benefits that can be achieved with the proper implementation of the standard. Here are 5 ways AS9100 certification can help your organization:
  1. Improved decision-making – With AS9100 in place and leadership buy-in, important company processes, and operations decisions can be based on data and hard evidence, as opposed to attitudes or ‘gut feelings’. This data-based approach leads to a more efficient use of resources, which can lead to cost-cutting, ultimately resulting in better, more informed decision making.
  2. Increases in efficiency –  At its core, AS9100 is a quality management system designed to assist you in building processes that work to provide your products or services and understanding how they interact with each other. By looking at the whole picture of how your businesses operations function you can identify and eliminate inefficiencies, broken segments, and find ways to improve upon delivery.   
  3. Strong supplier relationships – Sections of the standard focus on external providers (suppliers) and how they will interact with, and be monitored by, your organization. By working together on mutually beneficial initiatives, you can discover ways to develop more expedient delivery methods, improve components tailoring, cut costs, and lift customer satisfaction. Staying together with a supplier longer can also save both of you time and money over the long haul.  
  4. Making continual improvement a habit – A structural principle of an AS9100 audit is to figure out ways to improve your quality management system over time, and if you apply this to a daily routine of looking for ways to make small gains, you can begin to set a habit of continual improvement throughout your organization. Engaging your teams to take ownership of the processes they are involved with often results in motivated employees who are mindful of opportunities to b run things better, faster, and cheaper.
  5. Reduce risks - AS9100 certification requires you to have an operational risk management process in place, but it also encourages the development of a uniquely tailored process that you will see benefits from by legitimately reducing your risks, rather than just trying to fit a template version into place in order simply meet the standard requirement.
In the end, a well-designed and thoroughly implemented AS9100 QMS can do more for a company besides only allowing it to meet the regulations to provide products and/or services. It can be a driver in your organization toward stronger business relationships, cost savings, and continual improvement – all things that no successful business can do without.

Smithers provides AS9100 certification services that are configured to help your organization meet the rigorous regulations that aerospace and defense component manufacturers are required to adhere to.

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