The key trends impacting the smart packaging market

The key trends impacting the smart packaging market

Smart Packaging is seeing a healthy and sustained growth as it adapts to increasingly changeable and demanding market.

 As smartphones are becoming more technologically advanced, enabling further advertising and authenticating application, consumers are becoming more demanding, expecting increasingly more intelligent and interactive packaging solutions. Similarly, whilst investment capitalist and major packaging companies are investing significant amounts of money into smart packaging, the regulatory environment is becoming tougher, potentially restricting promising and emerging technologies.

This combined with an evolving social demographic illustrates the difficulties that smart packaging industry faces, but also shows the huge range of opportunities that are available to all sectors of active and intelligent packaging if it is receptive and adaptive enough.

In this exclusive white paper, Smithers takes a look at these five key trends affecting the smart packaging industry:

  • Investments and ventures
  • Regulations
  • Mobile technology developments
  • Consumer engagement
  • Lifestyle, Social and demographic influence

Download your copy of the Smithers white paper 'The Key Trends Impacting the Smart Packaging Market' below.

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