Occupational Health and Safety Requirements Are Bolstered at BMW

Occupational Health and Safety Requirements Are Bolstered at BMW

Just last year, BMW Group International released an updated version of their “Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Production Materials and Automotive Components” (Version 31.03.2018 to be exact). That in and of itself is not really breaking news, all automotive manufactures produce terms and conditions for their material and component suppliers, however, what stood out in BMW’s latest release was the following article:

21.2 Seller shall at the latest by start of production (SOP), implement, operate and prove to Buyer by presentation of a corresponding certificate, a certified occupational health and safety management system in accordance with „OHSAS 18001“ or „ISO 45001“ or a recognized and certified occupational health and safety management system derived therefrom. Buyer and Seller may agree in writing on deviations from the requirements of Sentence 1.

Wow. Way to go, BMW! Adding the requirement of a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management (OH&S) based on ISO 45001 (or the out-going OHSAS 18001) to be in place by the start of production of materials or components by your suppliers, is a huge step in helping to ensure that the employees of your supply chain are protected. In the blog post, “5 Ways ISO 45001 Helps Solidify Occupational Health and Safety” we touched on the important benefits that implementing an OH&S Management system can bring to an organization. Advantages like employee trust and loyalty, greater operational consistency and efficiency, risk prevention, decreased liability costs, and an enhanced reputation – particularly when it comes to social responsibility – are often associated with a strong implementation of ISO 45001.
BMW Group International appears to recognize this potential too, making sure that their suppliers are in lock-step and that all their employees, contracted or internal, are protected.
To read more about BMW’s terms and conditions, click here.
And to learn more about ISO 45001, check out our ISO 45001:2018 Certification Services, or download our ISO 45001 Guide

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