Webinar: Tire Components 101: A Comprehensive Overview of the Building Blocks of a Radial Tire

Tires are complicated.

Original Run Date: Wednesday, May 8, 11:00 a.m. EST | download below 

A single tire is made up of six major components and 50 or more different raw materials, all of which serve a critical function to ensure safety, durability, and comfort.

In an upcoming one-hour webinar, Brad Wurst, Technical Consultant, Smithers Rapra, delivers a functional overview of the sophisticated technology of a tire. He will explain the functions of a tire’s important components and how they’re engineered to operate together.

Tire importers and distributors, purchasing managers, insurance companies, and anyone who is new to the tire industry will gain valuable insight from this introductory webinar.

About Brad

Brad Wurst has 28 years of tire design experience, construction modifications, cost optimization, and manipulating components to achieve target on-vehicle and off-vehicle tire performance. He worked for major tire manufacturers both domestically and internationally before joining the technical consulting team at Smithers in 2018.