How e-commerce is changing the packaging industry

How e-commerce is changing the packaging industry

In the downloadable presentation below, Smithers expert James White explores how e-commerce influences the packaging industry, from consumer expectations to retailer supply chains.

The opportunities available to packaging and e-commerce packaging specialists are balanced against the challenges that new materials and technology brings.

With continual innovations and ongoing sustainability drives, e-commerce packaging is providing new solutions to long-standing problems faced by retailers, including wasted volume, damaged products and ease of shipment. This is possible due to advancements in corrugated materials and flexible packaging available to manufacturers.

Omni-channel and Amazon-style deliveries are changing the way in which packaging is viewed by both retailers and customers, balancing efficiency with customer satisfaction. Social media has given rise to customers publicly sharing their thoughts – both positive and negative – on the packaging they receive, increasing the value of well-considered packs and brands in general.

With Smithers’ long-standing experience of packaging and e-commerce distribution testing, we are able to ensure that your packaging and products remain stable and intact during transit.

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Download the presentation below:

How e-commerce is changing the packaging industry

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