Smithers Environmental Fate and Metabolism Team, Harrogate, UK

Smithers Environmental Fate and Metabolism Team, Harrogate, UK

The video below introduces you to members of our Environmental Fate and Metabolism team at our Harrogate, United Kingdom laboratory.

Our Environmental Fate scientists have expertise in Mobility, Biodegradation, and Bioaccumulation studies. Our Metabolism team specializes in Soil, Water and Sediment Metabolism, and Plant and Livestock Animal Metabolism studies. Our laboratory has a wide range of analytical equipment to facilitate metabolic profiling and identification.

We service the agrochemical pharmaceutical, animal health and biocide markets. Our scientists have extensive experience with EU, OECD, JMAFF and EPA study design, and conduct testing to support pharmaceutical ERA packages as well as higher tonnage Fate studies for the chemical industry.

Several of our scientists presented at the SETAC SciCon Meeting. You can download posters about a variety of topics including:  Contact us to learn more about our wide range of testing capabilities.
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