Testing Cost Comparison calculator

Testing Cost Calculator

Could testing delays be affecting your bottom line? Our interactive, online tool helps you understand the true impact of internal vs external testing and how it can effect your bottom line.

While it can seem like an unnecessary expense, utilizing an independent laboratory for testing can be key to the success of many companies that struggle with the bottleneck of internal testing. The Smithers Rapra Testing Cost Comparison Calculator helps you assess the financial impact that outsourced testing can have on your bottom line.

How it works:

By calculating the projected revenues that you could be making on your new product and then factoring in the number of months of testing delays brought on by backlogs in your internal lab, our calculator gives you the ability to visualize the revenue you could be losing. Conversely, this tool will also show the comparative value of external testing. By inputing the cost of external testing and reducing the delay, the tool will calculate the amount of revenue you could be earning as compared to waiting for internal testing to be completed.

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Smithers Rapra Testing Cost Comparison Calculator

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