"We expected nothing less than the high level of satisfaction that we experienced throughout the process. We consider Smithers our key strategic partner for market insight into the digital market and other print and packaging markets that we serve." - Michelman

How do we work?

Our custom research and market consulting department offers insight and information in packaging, paper and print, and the rubber, plastics, pigments and biomaterials industries. 

Why choose Smithers Custom Research and Market Consultancy?

  • We customize our solutions and services based on client needs.
  • ​We constantly optimise our solutions and your experience.
  • We leverage our internal knowledge and connectivity with industry experts to deliver quality for our clients globally.


  • As a major provider of testing and technical research services, we have a deep and robust understanding of the industries we serve and access to highly credible technical and scientific personnel when building our project teams.


  • We provide wide ranging expertise in strategy development, identifying high value alternatives, providing external perspectives, and ensuring stakeholder alignment and a transparent strategic process, though insightful data analysis, understanding of the value chain and industry benchmarking of key metrics.
  • This includes the provision of due diligence expertise with broad range of analysis tools to assist with such, including  M&A studies and technology and company evaluations.

Market Data and Research

  • Our analysts have extensive market sizing experience, which we have leveraged for over 30 years to support the production of 60 market reports annually, hundreds of consultancy assignments and our own proprietary databases.
  • We have also built up significant experience in executing global primary research programs. So, if you would like to understand the future direction of a core or niche market or gain a deeper understanding of the unmet needs of your customers, we can work with you to build a suitable approach.


  • Whether through the production and running of our industry leading conferences, or the tens of thousands of interactions annually, from our research team, account managers, consultants and marketers.
  • We remain deeply entrenched and connected to the industries we serve.

"HP engaged Smithers for support on a multi-month market research project. Their team listened to our needs, met timelines, and completed the project to our expectations. We would be pleased to work with them in the future." - HP Inc

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