The Future of Carbon Fibre to 2021

The carbon fiber market is forecast to grow at 12% to 2021, to reach around 132,000 tonnes of production. The Future of Carbon Fiber to 2021 provides analysis of the key technology, market and consumer trends driving the development of the carbon fiber market.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Analysis of key drivers and cutting-edge technologies shaping the carbon fiber market
  • Exclusive information about materials, processes and manufacturing technologies
  • Global markets broken down by end use, carbon fiber type and region.

What methodology is used?

Smithers Apex's comprehensive primary market research yields revenue estimates for the major global markets. Research based on secondary sources such as technical reviews and close industry observation corroborates and augments the findings.

Smithers Apex's industry expertise provides an assessment of the industry in terms of manufacturing process technology, raw material and supply chain factors, application innovation, regulatory impacts and cultural influences on geographic market differences. The research methodology provides reliable, detailed market data, trends and projections to 2021 for the global carbon fiber market.

What will you discover?

  • Global markets broken down by end use, type and region
  • The latest cutting-edge technologies and drivers shaping the carbon fiber future
  • The future of carbon fibers, with strategic market forecasts to 2021 and expert analysis.

Who should buy this report?

  • Carbon fiber suppliers and reinforced composite manufacturers
  • Carbon fiber feedstock suppliers
  • Carbon fiber processors and equipment suppliers
  • Users in the aerospace, wind energy, transportation and civil engineering sectors
  • Consultants and analysts.

Name The Future of Carbon Fibre to 2021

Date 10/31/2016

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