The Future of Global Wipes to 2029

Personal care wipes are projected to be the fastest growing consumer segment to 2029. Discover the factors driving global consumption of wipes over the next five years in this latest report, available to buy now.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures
Key facts
  • In 2024, the consumer wipes market is valued at $18.8 billion while the industrial wipes market is valued at $4.3 billion 
  • By 2029, the consumer wipes market will grow to $24.7 billion, while industrial wipes will account for another $6.2 billion 
  • Total wipes volume growth in tonnes is projected to average a steady 6.2% annual growth rate for 2019-29.
Report definition
  • Nonwoven wipes can be broken down into two major types: consumer and industrial. Consumer wipes include baby wipes, personal care wipes and household or homecare wipes; industrial wipes are broken down into general purpose, specialty, food service and healthcare wipes. 
  • The global wipes market has proven to be very resilient, mainly due to its diversity and strong, disruption-resistant base. Economic issues do affect this market, but usually more of a short term disruption than a permanent one.  
Find out
  • What impact the EU’s Single-use Plastic Directive will have on the wipes industry
  • Why the economic slowdown in China is affecting the global wipes market
  • How the diversity of the global wipes market has created market resilience
  • Who will be most affected by decreases in certain consumer wipes end uses
  • When the current oversupply of flushable nonwovens wipes will balance out
The Smithers methodology
This report is based on extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research consisted of targeted interviews with material suppliers, converters and experts drawn from key markets. This was supported by secondary research in the form of extensive literature analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international trade organisation data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.  

Who should buy the report: 
  • Nonwovens raw material suppliers and producers 
  • Machinery and equipment suppliers 
  • Wipe manufacturers  
About the author
Phil Mango has spent almost 40 years in the nonwovens industry. He has held various positions and areas of expertise within the industry, from applications management for the global leader in nonwoven binders to technology director for the world’s largest airlaid producer, to founder, owner and head of operations for his own nonwovens company. He entered the consulting field in 2003 and has authored more than 35 reports for Smithers. 
The Future of Global Wipes to 2029

Name The Future of Global Wipes to 2029

Date 5/30/2024

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