The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2029

Inkjet printing has witnessed high growth in recent years, due to the advantages that inkjet provides against alternative analogue production methods. This new report explores the areas of growth in this expanding market. 

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures
Key facts
  • By 2029, the inkjet market will reach 2.29 trillion A4 prints or equivalent
  • The real value has grown by an average CAGR of 5.8% since 2019 and the market will see further growth at an average CAGR of 6.6% to reach $125.9 billion by 2029.
Find out:
  • How inkjet will continue to challenge and displace analogue processes in multiple print applications. 
  • How the move towards sustainability in packaging will affect the outlook for inkjet printing. 
  • How technology developments will allow printers to innovate and provide services that meet new customer needs and expectations. 
  • How inkjet can profit from the incoming legislation changes which will fundamentally change the packaging industry. 
Report definition
Inkjet is a non-impact digital print method, where ink is ejected from print heads onto a substrate to make up the image and text. The process is extremely flexible with a very wide range of equipment in use to print onto paper, board, plastics, films, metal and objects. 

The inkjet printing that is covered in this report is produced on industrial-grade inkjet machinery, for end uses including books, newspapers, advertising print, commercial print, transactional print, security, labels and packaging. 

The Smithers methodology
This report is based on extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research consists of targeted interviews with material suppliers, converters and experts drawn from key markets. This is supported by secondary research in the form of extensive literature analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international trade organisation data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.

Who should buy the report?
  • Raw materials suppliers inc. inks and consumables
  • Print and packaging converters
  • Inkjet equipment suppliers
  • Industry consultants and analysts
About the author
Sean Smyth has spent more than 25 years in senior technology and management positions for print businesses across the supply chain. Sean has extensive experience in digital printing. In his time with Smithers, Sean has authored many off-the-shelf market studies and has provided strategic consultancy services to a range of clients across the value chain.
The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2029

Name The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2029

Date 2/29/2024

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