Procedure 3B is a general simulation test for packaged-products shipped through a motor carrier (truck) delivery system, where different types of packaged-products, often from different shippers and intended for different ultimate destinations, are mixed in the same load. This type of shipment is called LTL (Less-Than-Truckload).

Test Details

Packages will be subjected to the following tests:

  1. Atmospheric conditioning at controlled temperature and humidity levels based on detailed guidelines
  2. Tip test and tip-over test
  3. Shock testing based on drop, incline impact or horizontal impact methods. The height or impact velocity depends on the package weight.
  4. Vibration using the random method with and without a top load (Grms level of .53 and .46)
  5. Concentrated impacts
  6. Fork-lift handling.

Types of packaging tested under this method

  1. Standard 200 lb (91 kg) or less
  2. Standard over 200 lb (kg)
  3. Cylindrical
  4. Palletized or Skidded.

Please Note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ISTA 3B. Please refer to  ISTA's  website for full details.

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