ACS International Elastomer Conference 2018

At Smithers Rapra, our priority is to grow along with our clients, investing in the instrumentation and expertise you need, so we can help you achieve your goals and take great products to market.

Over the past year or two, we’ve expanded our capabilities with the following services:

  • Upgraded, state-of-the-art GCMS and HPLC instrumentation. Chromatographic techniques provide solutions and support for production challenges, failure diagnosis, research and development, and regulatory or legislation-driven testing.
  • Thermal desorption unit (add-on to GCMS). Thermal desorption detects extremely small amounts of volatile organic compounds in large volumes of gas.
  • Intermesh Mixer. The new mixer can handle high-viscosity stocks and compounds containing hard-to-disperse fillers and delivers improved distributive, dispersive, and reactive mixing and can achieve results with fewer passes
  • Colorimeter. This tool monitors color and appearance changes during exposure to accelerated laboratory weathering and aging to better predict color changes brought on by actual exposure of materials in service conditions.
  • Expanded testing for rubber turf infill. Our lab offers analytical services for the testing of infill to ASTM’s new F3188-16 standard.
  • Raw materials assay.
  • New North American extractables and leachables lab. Opened in July 2017, this new lab makes Smithers one of the few contract research organizations providing extractables and leachables and food contact assessments in both North America and Europe. The lab offers E&L analyses, materials characterization, device performance analysis, packaging optimization, and more.

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Christine Domer Dustin Jenkins
Christine Domer, General Manager, Akron Labs Dustin Jenkins, Senior Analytical Chemist

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