Contaminant Identification

Contaminants that are present in rubber and polymer products can cause quality or performance challenges that are critical to the intended use.

Smithers Rapra provides a full set of analyses to evaluate materials for a wide range of contaminants. Whether your issue relates to failures in the field, manufacturing issues or cross-contamination, Smithers' team of experts can provide the data and consulting expertise to find the root cause.

By carrying out one or multiple standard analysis techniques, we can provide insight into:

  • Hardness, Durometer
  • Silicon Dioxide, %
  • Polymer Type (FTIR)
  • Plasticizer, Type-Family
  • Specific Gravity
  • Ash, % (Dry)
  • Sulfur, Total %
  • Acetone Extract, %
  • Ash; %
  • Acid Insoluble, %
  • Ca, Mg, & Zn, Presence and % (AA)
  • Beilstein; Hydrion (If necessary)
  • TGA % (Plasticizer, Polymer, Black, Ash)
  • Carbon Black Type - TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)
  • % Chlorine (if necessary)
  • Antidegradant, (HPLC)

This is just a selection of tests that can be carried out. Contact one of our experts to discuss your specific analysis requirements.