Polymer Types and Blends

Understanding the base polymer (or polymer backbone) of a compound is an important step towards evaluating options for end use applications or for competitive benchmarking.

The composition of rubber in cured, compounded products can give researchers a view at the predicted life of the material. While certain polymers may have superior elasticity, for example, they may have inadequate ozone resistance in a given application.  Through polymer type identification, researchers can compare performance criteria before specifying a material for use.

One common technique used to determine the polymer type present in a compound is Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR).  Other common methods are noted in ASTM D3677.  Smithers experts can recommend the proper testing technique based on the investigation that is required.

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Common Test Protocols

ASTM D2000

Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive applications

ASTM D3677

Standard Test Methods for Rubber – Identification by Infrared Spectrophotometry