Elemental Analysis

Smithers Rapra offers tailored elemental analysis, using an ICP-OES we can quantitatively determine over 70 elements. Applying this technique, our experts can detect trace to major levels in samples.

We can tailor the analysis to suit your requirements, from a semi-quantitative screen of multiple elements, to targeted analysis of a single element of interest.

Smithers Rapra have experience with analysing a wide range of sample types:
  • Solids (such as rubber and plastic packaging components)
  • Solutions (such as formulated drug products)
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Drug product excipients

Sample preparation often involves digesting the sample in a mixture of acids, or acidifying a sample solution, as appropriate for the analysis requirements. Our experienced analysts will be able to recommend the relevant preparation method for your sample types.

Common Applications Include:
  • Extractable and leachable trace elemental analysis for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry
  • Specific migration limits for food packaging articles
  • Total cadmium in plastics (BS EN 1122, method A)
  • Heavy metal analysis in toys (BS EN 71-3)
  • Total sulfur content in rubbers
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Smithers Rapra is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) in accordance with the recognised International Standard, BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Analysis can also be undertaken in accordance with the principles of cGMP.

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