Smithers Rapra has a wealth of experience in determining the abrasion properties of many different polymeric materials.

The resistance to wear of polymeric materials are commonly determined using the following techniques:

  • Rotatory Drum Abrasion (DIN) – BS ISO 4649: Method A Vulcanised rubber or thermoplastic
  • Taber Abrasion  – BS EN ISO 5470 Rubber or plastic coated Fabric & BS ISO 9352 Plastics
Rotatory Drum Abrasion (Din Abrasion) Method

This measures the volume loss due to the abrasive action of rubbing a test piece over a specified grade of abrasive sheet. The result can be reported as a relative volume loss or an abrasion resistance index.

Taber Abrasion Method

This method determines the resistance to abrasive wear of plastics whilst the sample is under abrasive wheels. We can offer a wide range of abrasive wheels, speeds and test loadings.

We have extensive sample preparation facilities and on-site moulding capabilities. These give us the flexibility to test a huge variety of materials and product forms.