Smithers Rapra has a wealth of experience in determining the impact properties of polymeric materials in various forms.

We have the standard Izod and Charpy Instruments which enable us to test injection moulded or machined standard test pieces. 

We are also able to offer a falling drop weight impact test for products or pipe samples. For plastic film materials, we can undertake a falling weight impact resistance test.

Sample Preparation

We have extensive samples preparation facilities - including a CNC machine and on-site moulding capabilities. This enables us to test a huge variety of materials and product forms.

Environmental Capabilities

Facilities exist to determine these properties down to the sub-ambient temperature of -60°C.

Standards and Accreditation

Smithers Rapra is ISO 17025 UKAS accredited to test plastics to the following standards: 

  • BS EN ISO 180 (Izod)
  • BS ISO 179-1 (Charpy)
  • BS 2782:Part 3:Method 352D (suitable for plastic films)
  • ASTM D746