Smithers Rapra has a wealth of experience in determining the tensile stress-strain properties of polymeric materials in various forms.

Specimens are extended along the major longitudinal axis at a constant speed until either failure occurs, or it reaches a predetermined stress (load) or strain (elongation) value. The load and elongation sustained by the specimens are measured autographically during testing.

Numerous properties can be determined from this: 

  • Tensile strength and elongation at break
  • Stress and elongation at yield
  • Elongation at a given strength
  • Stress at a given elongation
  • Youngs' Modulus

We have six universal testing machines which cover a calibrated load range of 1N upto 250kN. Our testing machines are supported by a variety of laser, video and the latest in contact extensometry. With environmental chambers, we can test over the temperature range of -50°C up to 200°C.

The presence of our extensive sample preparation facilities enable us to test a huge variety of materials and product forms.

Standards and Accreditation

We are ISO 17025 UKAS accredited to BS ISO 527 for non-cellular plastic materials.

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