Hardness Blocks

Standard hardness blocks are essential for the calibration of IRHD pocket hardness meters (BS 903:PART A57) and are used by many laboratories for checking other durometers and deadload meters.

Smithers Rapra Hardness Blocks
  • Available in sets of 6 blocks covering the hardness range 40-90 IRHD or Shore A (individual blocks can be provided)
  • Boxed to preserve quality
  • Plate glass base included
  • Molded from materials with excellent aging properties
  • Every block is individually tested
  • UKAS test certificate included
  • Retesting and worn block replacement service

Sets should be returned to Smithers Rapra for re-testing. Dependant on use, this varies between 6 months and two years. The blocks should be replaced when they appear worn or the hardness of the block is not acceptable at the time of testing.

  • Standard blocks: each block is nominally 60mm x 50mm x 9mm.
  • Round blocks (45mm diameter) and blocks of other dimensions are available on request.
  • Sets of smaller blocks for use with micro hardness testers are also available
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