Tensile Properties

Smithers Rapra have a wealth of experience in determining the tensile stress-strain properties of polymeric materials in various forms.

For this technique, test specimens are extended along the major longitudinal axis at a constant speed until failure or until some predetermined stress (load) or strain (elongation) value is reached. The load and elongation sustained by the specimens are measured autographically during testing.

The properties that can be determined are tensile strength and elongation at break, stress and elongation at yield, elongation at a given stress, stress at a given elongation and Youngs’ Modulus.

We have six universal testing machines which cover a calibrated load range of 1N upto 250kN. Our testing machines are supported by a variety of laser, video and the latest in contact extensometry.

Environmental Capabilities

The addition of environmental chambers to our machines enable us to test over the temperature range of -50°C upto 200°C.

Sample Preparation

The presence of our extensive sample preparation facilities, which include the thickness reduction of rubber by slitting/buffing and a CNC machine, ensures we are able to test a wide variety of materials and product forms.

Standards and Accreditation

Smithers Rapra are ISO 17025 accredited to test rubber materials to ISO 37.

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