Accelerated Aging

Accelerated aging (or oven aging) for tires is a common procedure performed by Smithers Rapra. The data pulled from this testing technique is used to evaluate the long term effect of exposure to elevated temperatures on tires.

Accelerated aging techniques can be applied to a tire to evaluate the level of oxidation that takes place over a specified period of time. Smithers’ equipment capabilities include a variety of environmental chambers , including:

  • 4 large oven chambers (65°C - 70°C)

Government testing proved that migrating oxygen attacks the boundary layers of a tire. In order to replicate that effect, our standard testing protocols include:

  • Inflating tire with a 50% oxygen / 50% nitrogen mix (50/50 mix)
  • Aging for 1 to 8 weeks (based on protocol specifications)
  • Purging and reinflating tire with 50/50 mix at regular intervals
  • Completing endurance test protocols on tires after oven aging

In addition, custom test protocols can be made to meet a clients specific requirements.

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