Failure Analysis and Forensics

Smithers Rapra can assist in tire failure analyses, process troubleshooting and forensics from raw material to end-of-life analyses.

Smithers Rapra specializes in analyzing tires and components for a variety of physical and chemical characteristics. Although failure analysis is typically considered at the end of serviceability of a tire, Smithers can also provide independent, third party performance analyses during the product development cycle. Our experts can aid in evaluations focusing on:

  • Raw materials selection
  • Raw materials spcifications and compliances
  • Reinforcements selection
  • Reinforcement specifications and compliances
  • Tire structural analyses
  • Process evaluations
  • Tire product compliances
  • End-of-life tire investigation 
  • Tire forensics
Expert Witness

If the product analysis is required in support of litigation, Smithers Rapra offers many years of experience with forensic product analysis.

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