Indoor Tread Wear

The tire testing laboratories at Smithers are well-equipped to simulate driving conditions through indoor tread wear evaluations among others.

indoor treadwear testingThe combination of increasingly sophisticated laboratory test equipment and advanced modelling software is enabling design and development engineers to be more accurate in the prediction of tread wear based on indoor laboratory testing. Data previously collected by either closed track or correlated route on-vehicle testing can now be obtained by indoor wear testing much faster. It can help your company to get products to market faster.

Smithers laboratories can perform indoor tread wear testing to accurately determine your tire wear rate. Our indoor tread wear machine can create simulated driving conditions with the following boundaries:

  • Maximum Load 15,500 N (3500 lbf)
  • Maximum Lateral Force 13,300 N (3000 lbf)
  • Slip Angle +5 Degrees
  • Camber Angle +3 Degrees

It is capable of dynamic steering and cambering like in a vehicle. Different tread wear drive cycles are used depending on the type of tires being tested, and criteria being tested. For passenger car and light truck tires, it is customary to use a combined CITY-HIGHWAY drive cycle that follows wear sequences resembling the ones presented by Smithers at the 178th Meeting of ACS Rubber Division held in October 2010. The HIGHWAY cycle follows constant radial load, lateral force, inflation pressure, and speed conditions.  The CITY cycle normally includes constant frequency sinusoidal variation of radial force, lateral force and inclination angle at constant inflation and speed. A constant frequency lateral force variation has been used for special applications. Smithers can develop different tread wear drive cycles on your request to suit different tire types and applications subjected to the limitations mentioned above.

At each tread wear level of interest the global wear rate of the tire is evaluated by measuring the tire tread profile and the weight loss. Smithers uses a Bytewise CTWIST laser profilometer for mapping the tire tread profile at different wear levels of interest. Smithers performs advanced data analysis and develops special reports upon customer requests.

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