Smithers Rapra provides reliable tire testing for large, off-road (OTR) tires for many industries, including construction and quarry, agriculture, recreation, mining, industrial handling, and other heavy equipment.

Our tire & wheel test lab is fully equipped to handle large tires. Our equipment offers five radial endurance test positions that can accommodate a maximum product diameter of 85 inches. Four of the test positions can handle loads up to 30,000 pounds of widths of 36 inches, while one position is capable of 35,000 pounds of load for tires up to 30 inches wide. In addition to providing footprint output, the machine can perform loaded deflections up to 200,000 pounds.

Load Carrying Capacity: Durability Evaluations
  • 67" road wheel
  • 35,000 lbs
  • 36" wide
  • 5 to 40 mph
Static Evaluations
  • Spring rates - 200,000 lbs
  • Footprints
  • Inflated shape - loaded and unloaded
  • Burst testing
  • Sectioning
SAE J1015 Evaluations
  • Ton kilometer per hour test procedure
  • Applicable to earthmoving machines

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