Courses and Surfaces

Our 700-acre facility hosts a wide variety of test courses and surface types. With over 40 years of winter test development, Smithers is experienced in creating custom test services for various testing evaluations.

Split Coefficient Courses

Smithers maintains a number of split coefficient surfaces in different configurations that enable customers to evaluate braking, powertrain, and traction control systems.

Course Type



10%, 15%, and 20% ice/asphalt split mµ inclines for testing traction control components


300', 600', and 1600' diameter circles with ice inner lanes and packed snow outer lanes


Alternating mµ and split mµ surfaces for evaluating brakes and drivetrain components

Custom Potential for custom setups for handling and autonomous vehicle system evaluations
Custom Surfaces

The SWTC staff is proficient at creating and maintaining surfaces that meet specific client requirements, including:

  • Hill Climbs
  • Snow Handling Courses
  • Ice Pads
  • Snow Fields
  • Circle Snow / Ice Tracks
  • Custom track setups to accommodate autonomous car testing

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