Food Contact Testing

The Food Contact team at Smithers Rapra has expert knowledge of regulatory requirements around the world. We offer a comprehensive range of migration testing and full support to help you demonstrate regulatory compliance to current regulations.

Our network of accredited laboratories offers standard and non-standard investigative testing to help you identify and eliminate packaging contaminants, taints and odors.

The vast majority of legislation on the safety of food packaging can be challenging. However, Smithers Rapra has many years of experience helping clients comply with these regulations from around the world. We can provide advice and training to help you understand the requirements as well as a full suite of testing and consultancy to help you produce the information you need.

Smithers Rapra can help your organization:
  • Comply with the food contact testing requirements to current regulations e.g. EU, USA FDA, German BfR
  • Ensure the regulatory compliance of food contact products against appropriate regulations where they exist e.g. EU, individual EU countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China
  • Register new Food Contact substances to enable their legal use in Europe and the USA
  • Produce and advise on the use of recycled materials for Food Contact applications
  • Highlight the identity and source of chemicals responsible for packaging taints and odors to enable you to eliminate them 
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