hose testing services

Industrial Hose Testing

Smithers Rapra conducts hose testing for automotive, aerospace and industrial companies from water provision to oil refining. The range of tests required for hose testing include those carried out directly on the product and tests made on the materials used for the hose construction.

Our laboratories perform various hose testing services, including but not limited to:

  • Pressure, vibration, and temperature
  • Dynamic fatigue
  • Fluid Compatibility
  • Air and liquid cycling
  • Static, circulated or impulse pressure (high and low pressure)
  • Burst tests
  • Vacuum testing
  • Electro dynamic shaker
  • Material identification (fingerprint)
  • Servo-hydraulics capabilities (tensile, strength, vibration, etc.)
  • Material identification for liner and jacket materials
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards testing

Types of rubber and plastic hose products tested in our labs:

  • Tubing / hoses
  • Fittings / couplings
  • Automotive components
  • Consumer goods
  • Reinforced polymer goods
  • Fluid systems

Common Hose Evaluations Performed in our Lab:

Rubber Hose Testing - ASTM D380

Smithers Rapra can test to uniform test standards for rubber hoses. Read more about ASTM D380.

Coupling Testing for Liquid Fuel and Vapor / Emissions Systems - SAE J2044 and SAE J2045

Smithers Rapra tests to meet the functional requirements for quick connect couplings used for supply return, and vapor / emission fuel system connections. Read more about SAE J2044 testing.

Hose Seal Connection Testing - SAE J1610

Smithers Rapra can test to uniform procedures for evaluating the sealing capability of hose connections during a PVT test facility. Read more about SAE J1610 testing.

Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assembly Testing - SAE J343

Smithers Rapra can test to evaluate the performance of hydraulic hose assemblies used in hydraulic fluid power systems. Read more about SAE J343 testing.

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