Patent Litigation Support

Our analytical chemists work closely with our materials experts to deliver a full suite of analytical services.

Your intellectual property is critical to product success in the market. When faced with potential patent infringement, the need to investigate material and product comparisons or to support litigation preparation is crucial.

Smithers Rapra's litigation support package combines our document expertise in materials science, pharmaceutical packaging, drug delivery systems, and medical devices with our state-of-the-art analytical services laboratories.

  • Expert, experienced laboratory staff with documented training
  • High quality testing with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and facilities
  • Instrumentation maintained to U.S. and international standards
  • Custom-designed data integrity and quality system, including chain of custody and peer-reviewed data and reports
  • Written reports customized to fit your specific needs
  • Expert witness services, as required

Our experts can support litigation issues such as:

  • Patent examples and infringement
  • Material and product comparisons
  • Processing and performance issues

Each study is custom designed to meet your individual requirements. Your study includes:

  • A written study plan
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Quality systems
  • Reporting 

Our analytical chemists and our materials experts work closely together to deliver a full suite of analytical services. CVs available upon request. Meet the experts:

  • Dr. Daniel Norwood, Senior Independent Consultant
    • Areas of expertise: structural analysis of pharmaceutical impurities and degradation products, assessment of extractables and leachables
  • Paul Cummings, General Manager, Akron Analytical Services
    • Areas of expertise: mass spectrometry, small molecule structure elucidation, extractables and leachables, packaging testing
  • Dr. Andrew Feilden, Chemistry Operations Director, United Kingdom
    • Areas of expertise: extractables and leachables, pharmaceutical analysis, trace analytical chemistry
  • Alison Schweda, Principal Scientist
    • Areas of expertise: process implementation, execution and conduct of reports and studies, extraction, analysis

Supporting experts:

  • Michael Creese, Manager
    • Areas of expertise: extractables and leachables, chemical analysis, method validation, and method development
  • Christine Domer, General Manager, Akron Labs
    • Areas of expertise: rubber material compounding and chemistry
  • Wes Gray, Senior Scientist
    • Areas of expertise: extractables and leachables
  • Bruce Lambillotte, Vice President of Consulting
    • Areas of expertise: physical / mechanical and chemical analysis of rubber and polymers
  • Dr. Paul Shipton, Consultancy Director
    • Areas of expertise: polymer technology
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