Xenon Arc Weathering

When developing a new product for outdoor use or when looking to extend the life of an existing product, it is essential for manufacturers to understand the effects of weathering exposure. Smithers Rapra combines state-of-the-art equipment and testing expertise to evaluate the effects of xenon arc exposure for various products and materials.

In order to determine the life expectancy of a product or material, it’s important to understand how it reacts when exposed to certain environmental conditions. For many companies, weathering evaluations are a necessary part of the product development process however, companies often struggle with time limitations and capacity. This bottleneck in the testing process can mean a loss of productivity and lost revenues.

Smithers Rapra offers independent, third party testing to evaluate weathering characteristics in products and materials such as:   


Common Materials Exposed to Xenon Arc Weathering: 

  • Films
  • Interior / exterior polymeric parts for automotive applications
  • Paint and coatings
  • Roofing
  • Fascia (plastic / coated materials)
  • Textiles
  • Rubber and plastic laminates

Xenon Arc Weathering / Exposure Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for the evaluation of 3D specimens with varying types of light exposure to simulate the environment in which your product will  be used. Our range of weathering equipment utilises flat panel and rotating carousel weathering systems to meet most environment xenon and flourescent light testing standards.

Additionally, we offer multiple post-weathering evaluations including:

Common Test Methods for Xenon Arc Weathering

Our laboratories provide Xenon Arc weathering exposure evaluations for a wide variety of industry standards, including:


ASTM D750    Weathering Deterioration
ASTM D925    Surface Staining
ASTM D1148  Discoloration from UV / Heat Exposure

ISO 3865         Staining (organic material contact)
ISO 4665         Resistance to weathering

ASTM D1248  Polyethylene Plastics - Wire and Cable
ASTM D2565  Xenon Arc - Outdoor Applications
ASTM D4101  Polypropylene Injection / Extrusion
ASTM D4459  Xenon Arc - Indoor Applications
ASTM D5071  Xenon Arc - Photodegradable Plastics
ASTM D6662  Polyolefin-Based Plastic Lumber Decking

ISO 29664       Artifical weathering (acidic deposition)
ISO 4892-2     Xenon Arc lamp exposure


ASTM D1670  Failure in Bituminous Materials
ASTM D4434  Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing
ASTM D4637  EPDM Sheet in Single-Ply Membrane
ASTM D4798  Xenon Arc Method Bituminous Materials
ASTM D4811  Non-vulcanized Rubber Roof Flashing 
ASTM D5019  CSM Sheet in Single-Ply Membrane
ASTM D6083  Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating
ASTM D6878  Thermoplastic Polyolefin Based Roofing

ASTM C732    Aging Effects on Latex Sealants
ASTM C734    Low-Temp Flexibility of Latex Sealants
ASTM C793    Weathering / Elastomeric Joint Sealants
ASTM C1184  Structural Silicone Sealants
ASTM C1257  Solvent-Release-Type Sealants
ASTM C1442  Artifical Weathering of Sealants
ASTM C1519  Durability / Construction Sealants
ASTM C1501  Color Stability / Construction Sealants
ASTM D904    Artifical Light Exposure - Adhesives


ASTM D3424  Printed - Lightfastness / Weatherability
ASTM D4303  Lightfastness of Colorants (Art Materials)
ASTM D5010  Printing Inks and Related Materials
ASTM D6901  Guide for Art Colored Pencils
ASTM F2366   Lightfastness of Ink Jet Prints

ASTM D3451  Coating Powders and Powder Coatings
ASTM D3794  Coil Coatings
ASTM D6577  Industrial Protective Coatings
ASTM D6695  Xenon Arc - Paint Exposure / Related


ASTM G151   Lab Light Sources - Nonmetallic Materials
ASTM G155   Xenon Arc - Non-Metallic Materials

ASTM D6551    Xenon Arc - Pressure-Sensitive Tapes 


ASTM D7356    Accelerated Acid Etch Weathering of Automotive Clearcoats Using Xenon-Arc Exposure
ASTM D7869    Xenon Arc Exposure with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings

ISO 4892-2        Xenon Arc lamp exposure   
ISO 105-B06     Color fastness: Xenon Arc fading lamp test
ISO 11341         Paints and varnishes exposure to artificial radiation -- Exposure to filtered Xenon Arc radiation  
ISO 105 B10     Textiles - Color fastness exposure to filtered Xenon Arc radiation

DBL 5555                   Daimler
DBL 7399                   Daimler
DIN 75202                 Porsche, Daimler
FLTM EU BO 050-1  Ford
GM 9125P                 General Motors
GMW 14162             General Motors
GMW 14170             General Motors
GME 60292              GM Opal
HES D6601               Honda
JIS D0205                 Japan
PF-1 1365                 Chrysler
PV 1306                    Volkswagen
PV 3929                    Volkswagen
PV 3930                    Volkswagen
VDA 75202              BMW
50451                        Fiat

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ASTM D750 Weathering Deterioration
ASTM D925 Surface Staining
ASTM D1148 Discoloration from UV/Heat Exposure
ISO 3865 Staining (Organic Material Contact)
ISO 4665 Resistance to Weathering
ASTM D1248 Polyethylene Plastics - Wire and Cable
ASTM D2565 Xenon Arc - Outdoor Applications
ASTM D4101 Polypropylene Injection / Extrusion
ASTM D4459 Xenon Arc - Indoor Applications
ASTM D5071 Xenon Arc - Photodegradable Plastics
ASTM D6662 Polyolefin-Based Plastic Lumber Decking
ISO 29664 Artifical weathering (acidic deposition)
ISO 4892-2 Xenon Arc Lamp Exposure