Pressure Testing

Smithers Rapra conducts pressure pulsation testing for automotive, aerospace, industrial, and marine companies using air, oil, and other coolant based fluid techniques.

The critical performance parameter for this type of testing is pressure pulsation. Our experience of pressure testing and development of bespoke test systems allows us to develop tests replicating a broad range of environments, from auto engine applications to the most demanding industrial environments. Often this involves development of rigs allowing combinations of pressure (both static and pulsing), temperature and displacement/vibration.

Our laboraties can perform pressure pulsation testing that includes:

  • Pressure (constant and pulsation)
    • Air up to 22 bar
    • Hydraulic 500 bar
    • Impulse testing using programmable pressure profiles
    • Burst hydrostatic - using water or oil based fluids up to 2,000 bar
    • Proof and leak
  • Temperature
    • -70°C to 210°C and < 95% RH
  • Jigs, valves, PLCs
  • Proof and leak

Products we test include (but are not limited to):

  • Inter cooler pipes and hoses
  • Air brake lines
  • Hydraulic brake lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Ducts and couplings
  • Auto cooling systems
  • Turbo chargers ducts
  • Tire valves

Smithers Rapra offers a wide variety of tests specific to hoses from material chemistry to final product.

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