Thermal Properties

The properties and performance of all polymeric materials change significantly with temperature. Understanding the transitional temperatures is a major consideration for design engineers when selecting a polymer grade.

Within our ISO 17025 laboratories, we offer a wide range of thermal testing to suit your requirements. Our experts will discuss and understand your objectives before advising on the most on appropriate methodology.

We are always happy to talk to you about the suitability of particular tests, so please contact our Smithers Rapra experts if you have questions about the test itself or the support you need.

Thermal testing techniques include:

  • DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimeter
    DSC measures enthalpy of melting or crystallisation, glass transition temperature and oxidation stability.

  • DMA (DMTA) – Dynamic Mechanical (Thermal) Analysis
    These processes measure the mechanical properties of rubbers and plastics as a function of temperature, frequency and strain. 

  • Rheology
    Rheology is the assessment of flow and sensitivity for polymer melts and rubbers. This is important for understanding processing, degradation and cure.

  • TGA - Thermogravimetric Analysis 
    TGA measures changes in mass with temperature and is useful for determining composition, thermal stability and degradation.

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